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Coronavirus (COVID 19) This page contains the most up-to-date information we have for rallies and events booked on the Sports Field for 2020.
3rd April to 13th April - cancelled Cumbria Centre, CAMC - rally cancelled
1st to 5th May - cancelled North Lancs Centre, CAMC - rally cancelled
7th to 10th May - event cancelled Ourea Mountain Marathon Running - event cancelled
15th to 17th May - rescheduled Walking With The Wounded - rescheduled to 2nd to 4th October
22nd May to 26th May - cancelled Yorkshire Dales Centre, CAMC - rally cancelled
30th May - rescheduled Grasmere Gallop - rescheduled to 26th September
4th June to 8th June - cancelled Fred Whitton Challenge - event cancelled
13th June to 14th June RS Owners Club & Ford Tour - rescheduled to 31st July & 1st August
18th June to 22nd June White Rose Masonic Caravans - rally cancelled
20th to 21st June Cumbria Soaring Club - rescheduled to 19th & 20th September
27th June to 28th June Ascend Events - event cancelled
3rd July to 6th July Northern Counties Motor Caravans - rally cancelled
11th July Rushbearing and Children's Sports - event cancelled
11th July to 19th July Swift Owners Club - rally cancelled
31st July to 2nd August RS Owners & Lakes Tour (Rearranged date) - event now cancelled
30th August Grasmere Sports - event cancelled
2nd to 7th September Cumbria Centre, CAMC - rally cancelled
9th to 13th September Micro Car Rally - event cancelled
19th to 20th September Cumbria Soaring Club (Rearranged date) - event now cancelled
26th September Grasmere Gallop (Rearranged date) - event now cancelled
2nd to 4th October Walking with the Wounded (Rearranged date) - event now cancelled