Life Members

A list of Life Members of the Grasmere Lakeland Sports & Show - Updated 15th July 2023

J R C Altham
C H Bagot JP, DL
Mrs S Bagot MBE, DL
R A Bagot
Miss K L Bailey
Mrs J R Barratt
J A Barratt
O W Barratt MBE
J G Bland
N Bland
C D J Borwick
H C F Bowring JP, DL
Lord Bragg
Mrs C Brand
R M Brook
Mrs H J Brook
T C Brown
C Cannon
D R H Capstick
Lady Chorley
Mrs J Christensen
E J Clarkson Webb
Mrs E Clarkson Webb
Miss S Coulson
W Coulson
N Coulson
Mrs K Coulson
Miss S Courtney
Lt Col C Crewdson OBE
Mrs V Crewdson
M Cropper
A R Crossley
Mrs A P Crossley
C M B Crossley
Ms W A Curran
E Curwen
L W Davidson
E R W Dent
Miss C Diomedous
D Diomedous
L Diomedous
Mrs E Diomedous
R Dixon
J D Dixon
C H J Dodd
E C Dodd
I R Q Dodd
J E H Dykes
C P M Dykes
P M Dyson
M Ellison
Miss W A Ellis
Mrs K Ellison
Ms F Ellison
Mrs V F Elmett
J A Fell
Mrs E J Fell
J R A Fell
R A Fell
Mrs J Fisher
Mrs H A Fleming
M J Fletcher
M Fothergill

Mrs A M Fox
Sqd Ldr G Gale
I J Garside
Mrs I J Garside
Mrs E Gifford
J L Graham
R Gray
Mrs Y Gray
M Gray
T Gray
Mrs P Harris
Mrs M Harwood
R Hasell McCosh
A T Hedworth
Mrs A T Hedworth
Miss A C P Hedworth
Miss A L M Hedworth
Lord Henley
P R W Hensman OBE, DL
R E W Hensman
J Hibbert
Mrs B Hibbert
Ms B A Holland
J S Hollins-Gibson
Mrs M E Hope
H C Hornyold-Strickland
Lord Hothfield DL
Lady Hothfield
W N I Howard
Mrs M Howard
Miss G E S Howard
M W Huthwaite
Lord Inglewood
R Jackson
Mrs B A Jenkins
S W H Jenkins
P C Keeling
M H W Kennedy
M A Kenyon
Mrs D A B Kenyon
Mrs D R Kesterton
J E Lambton
Mrs V Lambton
Miss G Lambton
P Lambton
Mrs L Langton
A H G Laithwaite
Dr C J Lane
Lady Lewthwaite
Mrs S Lowry
I W Mansie
Mr Marquis
Mrs Marquis
C Mason Hornby
F Mason Hornby
A J S Marsh
Mrs E Mather
Mrs J Merrett
H H S Middleton
Mrs E Mitchell
G H Mounsey-Heysham
Mrs M A H Nicholson
C Nugent
N J Pattinson
J E S Paxton
Maj Gen D A S Pennefather CB, OBE
J Pennefather
Mrs S P Pirnie
D Payne
Mrs H Pethica
Mrs E Pitt
Mrs C Prince
Mrs N Rigg
M J Robinson
Mrs J Robson
J N Rushbrook JP, DL
A E H Salvesen
Mrs E Salveson
M R K Sandys
Mrs C Sandys
Mrs G Schofield
Mrs L Sclater
C Scott
Mr F A Scott
Mrs O Scott
Miss M Scott
Miss C Scott
Mrs S Scott
Mrs C M D Shaw
J E S Shelton
Mrs J E S Shelton
M Southern
Mrs L Southern
Miss Holly Southern
Miss Amelia Southern
Miss Annabel Southern
Mrs. H M Stanford
N. Stanley
G H Stanley
R E F Stokes
E Strickland
A G Taylor
A J R Taylor
E P M Taylor
J W N Taylor
P Taylor
Mrs P Taylor
D Thompson
P Tiplady
Dr S Tiplady
M A Town
Mrs G Townsend
C P Townley
Mrs N Troughton
Mrs M C Tweedy
A O Villiers-Smith
Miss S T Villiers-Smith
R Wace
Ms A Walker
Mrs J Webster
Mrs J Wildman
Mrs J Willink
J Wilson
Mrs P Wilson
A M Wilton Steer
Mrs R M Wingate
B Withington
Mrs C N Withington
B C Yates
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