Dog Shows 2019

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1st Bo, 12- week old Chocolate Labrador, shown by Debbie from Crook

2nd Stella, 5- month old Corgi-poo, shown by Marie and Alan from St. Helens

3rd Willow, 8- month old Yellow Labrador, shown by 6-year old Hannah and 8-year old Jo from Appleby


1st Dexter, 5-month old Cocker Spaniel, shown by Alannah from Hampshire

2nd Barnacle, five and a half month old Labrador, shown by 8-year old Elie and 5-year old Layla

from Edinburgh

3rd Giles, 8-month old Curly-coated Retriever, shown by Beatrix from Workington

4th Rocket, 13-week old Whippet, shown by Nick from Leeds

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Bo, winner of the Puppy Bitch class


1st Maisie, 1-year old Working Cocker Spaniel, shown by Toby from Kingston

2nd Nella, 2-year old cross-breed, shown by Charlotte from Boroughbridge

3rd Amber, 3-year old Labradoodle, shown by Mo from Wigan

4th Bella, 6-year old Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross, shown by Jess from Rothbury


1st Gary, 2-year old Miniature Dachshund, shown by Kate from Derby

2nd Humphrey, 5-year old Curly-coated Retriever, shown by Beatrix from Workington

3rd Quarry, 5-year old Fell Terrier, shown by Derek from Elland

4th Seb, 4-year old Wire-haired Fox Terrier, shown by Sarah from Prudhoe

5th Freddie, 1-year old Border Collie, shown by 11-year old Kirstie from Whaley Bridge

BEST ADULT DOG/BITCH IN SHOW: Gary, winner of the Adult Dog Class


1st Tia, 8-year old Whippet, shown by Bill from Carlisle

2nd Kishi, (Rescue Dog) 14-year old Japanese Shiba Inu, shown by Louise from Grange-over-Sands

3rd Lizzie, 8-year old Black Labrador, shown by Robert from Kirby Lonsdale


1st Bailey, (Rescue Dog) 12-year old cross-breed, shown by Sarah from Bowland Bridge

2nd Teddy, 7-year old Newfoundland, shown by Paul from Manchester

3rd Walter, 7-year old Westie, shown by Louise from Carlisle

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW: Bailey, winner of the Veteran Dog Class

SPECIAL RESCUE DOG AWARD: Ralph, four and a half year old Saluki cross, suspected of

having been used as a "bait dog" (for chasing by other dogs), then abandoned, found in a

very poor state and re-homed and re-socialised by Rory from Leek, Staffs.

The new YOUNG HANDLER AWARD went to 6-year old Rose from Watermillock, showing Winnie,

a Labrador, also 6 years old.

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