Show Officials

Honorary Presidents

HM Lord Lieutenant of Cumbria
The High Sheriff of Cumbria


The Lord Hothfield D.L.

Vice President

Sports Manager

Mr Richard Hooper

Bellman: Mr Tommy Sedgwick; Starter: Mr Keith Hunton; Timekeeper: Mr Grant Payne

Hound Trail Manager: South Lakes Committee of the Hound Trailing Association

Hound Trail Officials: South Lakes Committee of the Hound Trailing Association

Wrestling Manager: Mr Chris Bland

Wrestling Officials: J Brown, V Cummings, J Davidson, G Fox, P Gibson, A Harrington, J Harrington, T Harrington, R Murray, J Pringle, J Robson, R Rogerson, C Salaun, R Threlfall, J Wharton, R Wharton, D Whitfield

Clerks on the Table, Female Judges & Referees: M Brocklebank, C Coulthard, S Ewing, G Gibson, N Hayhurst, I Harrington, R Marsdon, F Pringle, L Scott, G Stainton

Guinness Trophy & other awards: C Salaun (Breton)

Wrestling Weighmen: J Harrington, A Harrington, R Murray

Fell Race Manager: Mr Matthew Bland

Track/Sprint Race Manager:  Miss Vicki Black

Groundsman: Mr Matt Brood


Wrestling: G Fox, A Harrington, J Wharton, R Wharton

Fell Racing:  Mr Matthew Bland

*Fell Races are marshalled by members of The Fell Running Association.

Thank You

Thanks are extended to all Officials, Stewards and Competitors who support these sports. Also to Event Safety Group who provide medical support on the Sports Day. Additionally the Directors wish to express their thanks to the Farmers and Landowners whose land the Fell Runners & Hounds cross. Finally, thanks are due to Ambleside Kirkstone Rotary Club for helping with the parking.
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