2024 C&W Wrestling Programme

2024 C&W Wrestling Programme

including Under 18 Boys (10 Stone) World Championship

Come and see the Gladiators of Cumbria wrestling and even have a try and take part for the first time! We look forward to welcoming Bretons, Icelanders and the Scots to all categories whilst on tour.

Each competitor has to shake hands then take the correct hold with hands clasped behind the other’s back (right arm under opponent’s left). The loser is the first person to either break their handhold or whose body, above the ankle, touches the ground. All bouts will be wrestled ‘best of three’ falls. We would like all wrestlers to wear traditional strip, but it is not compulsory.

The Weighman will be on duty from 10:00 when wrestlers may weigh in for all weights.

The world championships for Boys under 18 years of age and under 10 stones will be taking place.

If you haven’t wrestled in the past and want to have a go, please come to the wrestling arena by 09:45 and you will be given some tuition before competing. This year there is a prize for the best newcomer 12 years and over. To win the prize you should not have competed in any CWWA affiliated event and need to get past the first round. The prize will be awarded for the best achievement or shared if similar rounds are reached.

Timings are approximate and there will be a pause in the programme after the Under 18 Girls’ Final at approximately 13:00.

The costume competition will take place at approximately 14:00. The wrestling programme will begin again with the 10 stone Ladies at approximately 14:15.

International competitors may wear their own traditional wrestling strip. Girls and ladies may wrestle in kilts, shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms.

This year we are celebrating the life of Roger Robson who died in 2021. He was involved in the sport of wrestling for over 70 years and won the Grasmere 12 stone championship in 1964 and 1970. Roger encouraged the expansion of the sport to both females (his granddaughter won the Grasmere Ladies Open in 2019) and internationally. For many years he was Manger of Grasmere Wrestling. A new cup is to be awarded to the Mixed Boys and Girls Under 12 category in memory of him.

The Wrestling will climax with the Mens All Weights competition at approximately 15:45.

Prizes and sponsorship will be finalised and published at the start of July.

From 10:30 Onwards

Mixed Wrestling, under 10 years of age

Mixed Wrestling, under 12 years of age

W11: Roger Robson Memorial Trophy

Boys, 8 Stone Wrestling

Boys, under 15 years of age Wrestling

Boys, under 18 years of age Wrestling

W1: Ted Dunglinson Trophy for the winner

Girls, under 15 years of age Wrestling

Girls, under 18 years of age Wrestling

W3: C&W Wrestling Plaque to the Best Local Junior Wrestler

W9: Willian Woodburn Steele Robinson Trophy for the Most Meritorious Boys Wrestler

From 14:00 Wrestlers Costume Competitions

cumbrian wrestlers

From 14:15 Onwards

Ladies, 10 Stone Wrestling

Mens, under 21 years Wrestling 

Mens, 11 Stone Wrestling

Mens, 12 Stone Wrestling

W4: Albert Dennison Memorial Challenge Cup

Mens, 13 Stone Wrestling

Mens, 14 Stone Wrestling

Ladies, All Weights Wrestling

1st £140 and medal; 2nd £80; 3rd £55; 4th £45

W10: Grasmere Trophy for Most Meritorious Performance in Ladies Wrestling + £20

Mens, All Weights Wrestling

W6: Wilf Brocklebank Memorial Cup

W8: Westmorland Guinness Trophy for the Best Overall Wrestler

Best Newcomer : £50 to the best achievement beyond the first round, to be shared if more than one participant attains the same round

Updated: 8th June 2024

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