Field Letting Dates 2023

Hiring the Showfield

To hire the Showfield. please contact Deborah Black


25th March

Wild Deer Events

6th to 16th April

Cumbria Centre, CAMC

28th April to 2nd May

North Lanc's Centre, CAMC Rally

5th to 8th May

Fred Whitton Challenge

12th to 13th May

Walking with the Wounded

26th to 30th May

Yorkshire Dales Centre, CAMC Rally

2nd to 4th June

The OMM Festival & Grasmere Gallop

9th to 11th June

RS Owners Show & Lakes Tour

15th to 20th June

White Rose Masonic Caravan Rally

15th to 18th June

Soaring Club Charity Classic

23rd to 25th June

Ascend Events

30th June to 3rd July

Northern Counties Motorhome Club

4th to 9th July

Burstner Owners Club

8th July


11th to 17th July

Lakeland DA, C&CC

19th to 26th July

Bridge Club 2014 Caravan Club


Grasmere Sports 27th August 2023

31st August to 4th September

Cumbria Centre, CAMC

9th - 10th September

Maverick Race

29th September - 1st October

13 Valleys Ultra Feed Station

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