Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling 2007

Please see below results below for Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling 2007

Boys Under 12T. MaloneyJ. HayhurstI. Hammond
Boys Under 15. S. MasonJ. ThompsonS. Brocklebank
Boys Under 18C. WaltonM. DugueG. Benson
Girls Under 15K. BrownH. HodgsonC. Hodgson
Girls Under 18T. HodgsonD. ThompsonJ. Whigham
Women's 10 StoneB. RidleyE. LetortH. Hodgson
Women's All WeightsT. HodgsonD. ThompsonB. Ridley
Mens 11 StoneR. ClarkA. WhartonE. Salaun
Mens 12 StoneJohn HarringtonL. BoucherR. Clark
Mens 13 StoneJohn HarringtonG. BrocklebankA. Walton
Mems 14 StoneJoe HarringtonA. WaltonY. Salaun
Mens All WeightsR. LeiperJ. HirschJohn Harrington
Best Local Wrestler
Guinness Trophy
Best Costume Boys
Best Costume Girls
Best Costume Men

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