Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling 2019

Please see below results below for Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling 2019

Under 10 mixed
1Bobby Stewart
2Edward Younger
3Quinn Mackie
4Levi Campbell
Under 12 Mixed
1Philip Hall
2Rachael Mackay
3Bobby Stewart
4Thomas Moffat
Boys U15
1Matty Hodgson
2Bobby Gauke
3Aaron Younger
4Connor Wharton
Girls U15
1Rosie Hodgson
2Shannon Dalgliesh
3Lucia Rebbeck
4Lily Hall
Boys U18
1Mark Wharton
2Daniel Grogan
3Matthew Lamont
4Ted Hodgson
Girls U18
1Sophia Rorrison
2Rosie Hodgson
3Gemma Coulthard
4Lily Hall
8 Stone Boys
1Myles Stainton
2John-Lucas Stainton
3Max Bates
4Caleb Campbell
Men 11 Stone
1Andrew Carlile
2Owen Salaun
3Ted Hodgson
4John Gibson
Woman 10 Stone
1Anaelle Le Piolet
2Cyndi Salaun
3Hannah Hodgson
4Shannon Dalgliesh
Men 12 Stone
1Jack Brown
2Andrew Carlile
3Ewen Salaun
4John Harrington
Ladies Open
1Gemma Coulthard
2Connie Hodgson
3Vikki Beaty
4Pauline Sellin
Men 13 Stone
1Jack Brown
2Andrew Carlile
3Ewen Salaun
4Mark Wharton
Men 14 Stone
1Graham Brocklebank
2John Harrington
3Jack Brown
4Helouri Coail
All Weights
1Thomas Brocklebank
2Graham Brocklebank
3Sam Wilkinson
4Zak Singleton
Most Meritorious (Junior)Mark Wharton
Best Overall BoysMark Wharton
Most Merirorious FemaleGemma Coulthard
Best Overall WrestlerJack Brown
Boys Costume
1Bobbly Stewart
2Joe Chornley
3Phillip Hall
Girl Costume
1Gemma Coulthard
2Lily Hall
3Shannon Dalgiesh
Mens Costume
1Graham Brocklebank
2Mark Wharton
3John Harrington
Ladies Costume
1Hannah Hodgson
2Enora Fedieux
3Conni Hodgson

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