Flat Races 2017

Please see below results below for Flat Races 2017

Spint Races 5/6 years (Girls)
1Freya Addison
2Evie Hollington
3Annabel Hinds
4Lily Dougherty
5Jess Parrot
6Bethany Swarbrick
Spint Races 7/8 years (Girls)
1Bella Renison
2Phoebe Evans
3Eloise Parrit
5Honour Lawson
6Meme Stand
Spint Races 5/6 years (Boys)
1Carl Sanderson
2Louis Killner
3Harry Troughton
4Oscar Todd
5Luke Tufton
6Samual Woods
Spint Races 7/8 years (Boys)
1Tyler Booth
3Max Longthorn
4Alfie Bough
5Archie Heath
6Mason Smith
Spint Races 9/10 years (Boys)
1Charlie Lawson
2Joe Holmes
3Marvin Gibbs
4Matt Mannigan
5Sterling Evans
6Alfie Addison
Spint Races 9/10 years (Girls)
1Elena Brench
2Jessica Lawstrom
3Olivia Swarbrock
4Katie Nicholson
5Sophie Russell
6Isobel Watling
Sprint U17 years 200 m (Boys)
1James Barlow
2Jack Brench
3Charlie Lawson
Sprint U17 years 200 m (Girls)
1Islay Ailken
2Sarah Smith
3Emma Sawbrick
800 m Boys
1Fraser Sprout
2Sam Smith
3James Bowen
800m Girls
1Eolesia Winder
2Emily Sawarbrick
3Alex Holmes
800m Men
1Jason Holmes
2Jacon Aubrey
3Carl Booth
800m Women
1Charlotte Evans
2Karen Nicholson
3Angela Green

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