Flat Races 2018

Please see below results below for Flat Races 2018

Sprint Races 5/6 years (Boys)
1Ollie Mitchell
2Mathew Chard
3Soren Paylar
4Stan Stead
5Jos Jebb
6Finn Chamberlain
7Nicholas Johnson
8Rory Summers
Winning Time11:05
Sprint Races 5/6 years (Girls)
1Penelope Wodsworth
2Elizabeth Johnston
3Ava Stead
4Hannah Tofften
5Ramilly Gilliss
6Grace Briddle
Winning Time11:23
7/8 years (Boys)
1Cooper Wadsworth
2Johnty Boak
3Charlie Krautz
4Luke Kaftan
5Carl Sanderson
6Samuel Williton
7Thomas Caton
8Oliver Staneven
Winning Time9:79
7/8 years (Girls)
1Hannah Lawson
2Freya Addison
3Hollie Johnson
4Kitty Willsley Smith
5Isla Jebb
6Harriet Evavens
7Freya Willerton
Winning Time10:49
9/10 years (Boys)
1Sterling Evans
2Alfie Addison
3Simon Rigby
4Sam Hiffan
5Ben Alkinson
6Alfie Boak
Winning Time8:66
9/10 years (Girls)
1Kate Collin
2Jessica Rawstron
3Tigie Newby Tucker
4Millie Jebb
5Clementine Pailor
Winning Time9:35
Spint U17 years 200 m (Boys)
1Ryan Wilson
2Charlie Lawson
3James Bowen
Winning Time26:13
Spint U17 years 200 m (Girls)
1Emily Swarbrick
2Erin Garroch
3Kate Collin
Winning Time29:28
800 m (Boys)
1James Bowen
2James Mackenzie
3Alfie Addison
Winning Time2:19:00
800 m (Girls)
1Georgia Bell
2Alissia Winder
3Kate Collin
Winning Time2:24:19
800 m (Men & Women)
1Rupert Allison
2Nick Parkes
3Jenny Rice
4John Helm
Winning Time2:22

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