Search for the Grasmere Sports Young Sports Reporter of the Year Begins!

Keen young writers should start sharpening their pencils, as Grasmere Lakeland Sports and Show has launched a search for budding young sports reporters, who can capture the essence of its August 27 events.

The Grasmere Sports Young Sports Reporters Competition, new for 2023, is seeking the best potential sporting storytelling from children aged under 14.

To enter, keen young journalists should send in an application explaining what it is about the event that makes it so special and why they would love the opportunity to report on it. These applications should be submitted by August 15 and sent to [email protected] along with the entrant’s name, age and parent or guardian’s contact details.

From there, five applicants will be chosen and provided with a prize of a family ticket for Grasmere Lakeland Sports and Show, on August 27. On the day, the young reporters will witness the sporting action and then create their stories.

They can focus on as many events as they wish, either creating a story encompassing everything about the day or, if they prefer, just focusing on one element, be that Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling, field events, hound trail races or fell races.

Their story should contain key facts, presented in a succinct and easy-to-understand way and communicate the how, what, where, when and why, of the day. If focusing on the sporting action alone, it will need to highlight how the action played out, how a contest or race was won and the ‘results’, be that time recorded, final score, distance achieved or something else.

If it is a report offering an overview of the whole event as a sporting occasion, it can also seek to capture the essence and mood, the tradition and the excitement of the various competitions, in a more descriptive way.

Either way, the story could also include quotes from people interviewed, if the young reporter is able to get those, and other elements can be added.

The five finalists have until 3pm on the day to collect all information and write up their story. The entries will then be judged and a trophy and £25 presented to the best young reporter. A £15 voucher will be presented to the runner-up and a £10 voucher to the third place finalist. All will be invited up on the podium to receive their prizes.

Grasmere Lakelands Sports and Show manager, Deborah Black, says, “We are very excited to launch our first ever Grasmere Sports Young Sports Reporter competition and look forward to receiving applications. The finalists’ families should enjoy a great day out and, for the reporters, having their achievement marked in front of the crowd should add a special touch. Get the initial applications in by August 15 at 12 noon and it could be your youngster who starts to build a budding career in sports journalism.”

Younger children also have an opportunity to win a prize from Grasmere Lakeland Sports and Show, in a ‘Design a Wrestling Costume’ competition.

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