The Wrestling World Championship

World Champion All-Weights Wrestler to be Crowned at Grasmere Sports

Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling bouts at this year’s Grasmere Lakeland Sports and Show will have added spice, with the show having been awarded the huge honour of hosting the All Weights C&W Wresting World Championship.

The wrestling action that will culminate in someone being crowned 2023 world champion, will take place on Sunday August 27, 2023, as part of the programme of activity being staged on the Grasmere Sports field, in the heart of Grasmere village.

As the CWWA Secretary Rachael Marston says, “it should be a great climax to a tremendous day’s wrestling at Grasmere.”

Wrestling has been part of the show since the 19th century. Although there are no official records to suggest when it became incorporated into the event, it is felt to have been around almost since the start of Grasmere Sports – an event founded in 1868.

Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling continues to be an absorbing sport, particularly for those spectators from afar, who are not aware of its rules and intricacies or the passion that the wrestlers exhibit.

Many ‘wrestling families’ still exist, boasting different generations of wrestlers, all of whom have gained their own love of the sport from a parent or grandparent.

“Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling is rooted in our show’s tradition, so we are immensely proud to have been awarded the right to stage the most prestigious world championship in the sport – the All Weights championship,” says Deborah Black, Sports and Field Manager of Grasmere Sports.

“This will be the final contest of the day, by which any visitor’s love of the sport should have been ignited by the efforts of wrestlers from the age of 8 and upwards, across the children’s, men’s and women’s contests.”

This unique form of truly northern and regional wrestling is just one of the activities that will be on show at Grasmere Lakeland Sports and Show, sitting alongside the world-famous fell running and ‘Guides’ races, hound trailing, field sports and a plethora of other activity.

Entertainers for this year’s show will be Fat Cat Brass, Fire Man Dave – offering circus skill and street entertainment – and duet, Badman Soul. There will also be an array of fascinating, frustrating and fun bikes to ride courtesy of Wonder Wheelers, classic cars and food and drink stalls.

Tickets are on sale at the best available price pre-show, for 12 for an adult, £5 for a child or £28 for a family ticket for two adults and two children.

On the day tickets cost £15 for an adult and £5 for a child. So, buy tickets now to buy at the best price, if you wish to see a world champion crowned. Gates open at 9am on August 27.

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